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Sharp-Dressed Ninja Throwing Star Cuff Links




'Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a Sharp-Dressed Ninja.
I started by disarming a mini-ninja to use his throwing stars as templates. Don't let their size fool you. Mini-ninjas are still ninjas and not to be trifled with. Using sheet silver that I torched and rolled flat, I cut out the stars and discs for the links. I file the stars for shape and to add the beveled edges to the blades. After making a silver connector pin, I slid the star and disc onto the pin with some silver in between for a bit of space in between the layers. I soldered all the parts together with a torch, and carefully torched on the cuff link. Everything was filed, buffed, and blackened. I polished the star to pop out against the dark background.
materials : sterling silver
width* : 0.625 inch (16mm)
length* : 0.625 inch (16mm)
*Measurements are approximate.


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